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Information for students in Nottingham

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Being a Responsible Student in Nottingham

Nottingham warmly welcomes students to our city. We appreciate the contribution you make in helping to make Nottingham a youthful, fun place to be with fantastic art, music and theatre scene. Students, as all residents of Nottingham, have a responsibility to respect their city.

Why not consider

Please avoid

  • Making lots of noise in your neighbourhood. Try to be considerate when arriving home from a night out. Please be particularly thoughtful if you are planning a party: talk to your neighbours in advance 
  • Making a mess. Always throw your rubbish away and recycle where possible. Please put recyclable items separate in your recycling bin and not in plastic bags. Please bring in your bin as soon as possible after it has been emptied
  • Letting your garden get out of control. Messy gardens can make an area look as though it is not cared for, and can be the first step towards graffiti and vandalism occurring
  • Parking inconsiderately. Do not block any driveways or garages or park on the pavement (this makes things difficult for people using wheelchairs or pushchairs). Make sure you display a parking permit if you need one in your area Click here to find out more about parking permits
  • Fly-tipping. If you have large items to get rid of (for example items of furniture or electrical appliances) here to find out about having these collected for free


Useful Links and Resources for Students

Register to vote:  To vote in local elections while you are in Nottingham, you will have to register to vote at your term-time address. You can be registered to vote at your term-time address and your home address if you are a student Click here to find out how to register to vote.

What's on in Nottingham?  Nottingham City Council events, other events in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.