Request a Collection of Bulky Items

Did you know Nottingham is the only Council to offer a free, weekly, by appointment collection of bulky household waste items?

Request a Collection

Nottingham City Council can collect various items of bulky waste for free such as furniture, white goods and mattresses from your home address as part of our waste collection service

Please consider these alternatives to give unwanted items a new home as there are a number of charities and organisations that may be interested in second hand furniture and appliances if they are in good condition:

  • British Heart Foundation can collect furniture and electrical items by filling in a web form on their website (look for "Book a free Collection")
  • Freecycle is an online swap shop! Give your old furniture a second lease of life, as well as finding that item you have been looking everywhere for, for free! 
  • Remar UK is a Nottingham based charity shop, Tel: 0115 924 4274
  • Haven Housing Trust is a local charity providing supported accommodation for older homeless people in Nottingham, they also accept donations of good, clean furniture and household goods and arrange a free collection, Tel: 0115 985 6546
  • Re-covered is a new furniture social enterprise supporting the local community that welcomes donations of furniture in a repairable or reusable condition - arrange a free collection by calling 0115 718 0406 or emailing contact@re-covered.org
  • Redfield Road Household Waste and Recycling Centre is a special facility in Nottingham where you can take your separated recycling, garden waste and household waste

The Items We Collect

Yes, we can collect these items

Sorry, we can't collect these restricted items


Bagged garden or household waste


Bricks, rubble or soil


Tyres and other car parts

Electrical Appliances


White goods (eg fridges, washing machines, cookers etc)


Paint, Pesticides or oil (including cooking oil)

Clinical Waste

Batteries and Gas bottles

1These items must be kept covered

Arrange a Collection by Phone

To arrange a collection by phone, please call our Contact Centre on 0115 915 2000

Important Information

Waste collection teams will visit each ward on a specific day each week. Different teams may collect your items at different times on the same day - this helps us dispose of items more efficiently

We can only collect your items if the following criteria has been met, otherwise some or all of your items may not be collected:

  • Please do not present your items before Nottingham City Council has confirmed your appointment (by phone or via email; see below for details on how to request an appointment on-line)
  • Items need to be presented for collection before 7am on the day of the appointment, but no earlier than 4pm the evening before
  • Please note we do not collect any commercial waste, waste left by a tradesperson or items removed from a property by a private landlord 
  • Small articles are bagged-up, otherwise they may get left behind
  • Any gates are left unlocked and our collection crew has reasonable access to your rubbish
  • Sofas, beds and carpets are covered (We cannot take waterlogged items)
  • Branches and wood are tied and there are no sharp items (i.e. nails) remaining
  • All glass items are taped (including TV screens) to prevent it shattering
  • The items you would like collected are clearly separated from any other items on your property
  • ONLY items listed when booking a collection will be collected by the crews
  • Please note collection crews are not, under any circumstances, permitted to enter any property so your items must be outside

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